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One – One coaching with Ian for transformational strategies.


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More than words it's about sustainable change. 

More than words it's

about sustainable




Ian speaks at conferences and delivers training for groups wanting to significantly develop and produce high performing cultures through having greater understanding of themselves and others.

During an early career in global sports development, Ian quickly developed skills to deeply influence athletes and teams of all shapes, sizes and ability. On entering the corporate world he quickly found this unique ability transferred to all levels of leadership and teams.

This ability to challenge beliefs, test peoples boundaries and ensure long term change (all with a dash of humour) places Ian as the go to speaker when real results are required.

His incredible curiosity about all aspects of life allows him to weave new messages and to create deep thinking in participants about their behaviours in a topic area that has become “same same”. Many organisations and individuals have voiced their surprise of cultural shifts sparked by one presentation.

A deep passion to assist organisations sees Ian travelling from the outback of Australia (literally), oil rigs in the north sea to main stages in Australia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Mongolia, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Singapore.

This desire to help reflects in his free and heavily discounted rates for not for profits.

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