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Ian Crawford - Speaker

Ian Crawford is no ordinary presenter. He has the unique ability to deliver powerful content, in engaging, challenging and motivating ways.

What sets Ian apart from the field of speakers is his ability to deliver messages that have a profound impact on the audience. He is the stone that when dropped in the cultural pond, radiates change and impact well after the presentation is completed.

He has repeatedly been called motivational, challenging, inspiring, thought provoking and edgy. In truth, it is his rare gift to bring all these attributes together to capture an audiences attention, build rapport and then challenge them to move to greater places than they thought possible. Ian constantly receives emails highlighting from people who are surprised with the significant changes they have implemented following one of his presentations.

As the Owner and Director of Candor Training and Consultancy, he has worked globally with all levels of leaders from supervisor to the C-suite in a large variety of industries from not for profit, education, sport through to mining and finance.

Ian is a passionate and inquisitive learner. His interests are widely varied which allows him to draw upon areas such as psychology, sport, health, physiology, neuroscience, medicine and business. This allows him to provide rare perspectives on topics that may seem ‘done to death’ and have a topic list diverse enough to match any audience. Ian also prides himself on building, from scratch, a new presentation each time to ensure the greatest outcomes for each client.


The most requested presentations are listed below, although if you do not see exactly what you require please contact Ian directly and discuss your needs.

Before Ian presents for you he will speak to you about the desired outcomes for the presentation, challenges being faced by your organization and the successes you have experienced. This ensures that each presentation is molded to directly suit your people.

  • influencing for performance 

Leadership - step up or step out 

In a time when the term “leadership” is thrown around to relate to any team issue (business, community, family) without a considered regard to what it really means, the definition, roles and responsibilities of a true leader has been lost. Leadership is more than a title, yet many act like to is. This presentation challenges leaders to become just that LEADERS. Not because the organization has placed them in that position, rather because they want to be there, they want to build teams and they simply believe it is what they should be doing. This presentation deeply investigates the mindset of the greatest leaders and how this made them great, while challengine the philosophies and preconceived beliefs of what leadership really is in modern times. 

Previous groups have commented on “how challenging”, “inspirational” “time for leadership reset” and motivation this presentation is.


Contact Ian directly to discuss your needs

If you are a not for profit / volunteer organisation then contact us directly for very special rates.

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