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Born from the disbelief of how poor speaker training is being delivered, Ian has developed courses that will transform your ability to land a message than 99% of the population.

It has been built from over 25 years on the stage working with audiences from children, teenagers, sporting teams, multicultural audiences through to frontline management through to CEO’s.

The content of these courses hasn’t come from books it has come from actually presenting 1000’s of hours of presentations. Some of them have gone well and a number of times gone poorly (they were the painful but greatest lessons).

The workshop is always small groups. This allows you to develop and practice in a very supportive environment of like minded people and get personal one-one feedback.

All of these course can be run onsite with within your organisation.

Your most difficult decision now is which course is right for you:

‘Step up’ course – 2 day course

Designed for people that have never had any training in the areas of speaking and presenting, new to speaking or have not done a lot.

The course involves:

  • Get rid of those nerves that hold you back and build the confidence you need to present effortlessly.
  • Learn how to plan a presentation with ease.
  • Connect instantly with an audience
  • How to deliver an opening that has the audience captivated from minute 1.
  • Learn about individual learning styles and how to craft your message that unconsciously impacts your audience.
  • Learn how your learning style could be a barrier in people understanding you message.
  • Finishing your presentation so the audience wants more.
  •  Support for 30 days following the course to support you in developing and delivery your own presentation.
  • Personalise your development journey so you set the level you want to achieve during the day.
  • Where and how to stand on stage to have the greatest impact
  • Lean how to become a spellbinding storyteller
  • Deliver strategies that engage the audience with dignity & respect.
  • Learn how to shift your energy and the energy in the room to deliver your message with greater impact.
  • Install strategies and skills that engages the group the entire length of your presentation.
  • Video recorded practice to provide you the greatest development possible. (Trust us it is well worth it).
  • This course is for you, if you want to:
    • Improve your style
       Business leader
    • Get the Edge
      Someone who wants to deliver their message with impact 
    • Deliver Powerfully
       Information Expert
    •  Have a High Level Advantage 
      Person who wants to be a future professional speaker


    Speaking Mastery – 1 day intensive

    You have delivered a few (or more) presentations, although you know it is time to take it too the next level. Then you are in the right place.

    Speaking Mastery is a one-day intensive where you take your foundation skills and stack elite delivery strategies on top. These are the skills that only the very top speakers are using.

    A maximum of 10 like-minded people will come together to practice, refine and practice so that at the end of the day you will leave with some of the most elite and persuasive skills on the planet.

    All the video recording will use HD Cameras and wireless microphones to provide you with material and feedback to take away with you, ensuring that our learning continues well after the workshop finishes.

    There is prework to this course to ensure that not one second is wasted in making you the best speaker you can be.

    This isn’t just new content, we literally install new high level skills so that when you leave these strategies will be natural to you. There is nothing on the market like this.

    Finally, you get 60 day access to Ian to assist in reviewing and assisting you with the developing and delivery of your presentations

    This course is for you, if you want to:

    • Supercharge your style
      Have you have presented regularly and want to get better
    • The Forgotten Key
       A leader that wants to dynamically deliver their message like the best speakers? 
    • Get The Professional Edge
      A proffessional speaker looking for the edge!
    •  The Highest Level Advantage 
      Want to learn new high level skills that when you leave will be natural to you? 


    One to One Support 

    If you would like some one to one support in the development and delivery of your upcoming presentation (whether it is a board of directors or a best man speech) then Ian can assist you. If you want to make you presentation memorable then contact Ian now. Although do not leave it till the last minute, Ian gets heavily booked and he would hate to miss out on working with you.

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